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House Rules

Welcome to the tribe, Radiant Dreamers! I’m so excited to open the doors to you and with all of my heart I say, make yourself at home! My desire is for this space to be a safe place for you to walk in as you are, no matter how messy or put together your dreams or business may feel so far. So don’t worry about wiping your feet at the front door, come on in and bring your whole self with you, we want ALL of you! The purpose of this house is to connect and inspire, refine and dream, sharpen and encourage each other in your pursuit of creating a life you love!

Like any healthy family, there’s guide posts in place to ‘keep the peace’ so to speak and cultivate healthy relationship. It’s going to be no different with this tribe because here, we’re family.  So here’s a few ‘notes to self’ if you will, to help create a family culture and ensure an invaluable and top notch experience for everyone.

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Have Courage and Be Kind

Cinderella was on point with this one and here at Dream to Done, it’s our number 1 rule. You’re going to be stretched and challenged in this program to be the best version of yourself and bring all you have to the table, even if it’s scary at times. Respect that each person in this program are from different walks of life, have different beliefs, opinions, and backgrounds. This is a judgement and bad mouth free zone. We’re all going to have different areas of strengths and weaknesses and there is a zero tolerance policy for bullying, drama, or trash talk of any kind. Treat every student and teacher in the program with love, honor, acceptance, and the same respect you’d like to receive from your peers. Passionate discussion is welcome, threats, negativity, or personal attacks are unacceptable. Do not talk down to anyone. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Violation will result in being promptly removed from the program with no reimbursement. If you are encountering or witnessing abuse of this rule, approach the specific party and resolve the dispute. If you feel it’s necessary we’re aware, write our team at including screenshots or records of the dispute and we’ll determine if further action needs taken.

Participate and don’t be Stingy

This is a group program and although there will be one on one time, one of the main benefits of Dream to Done is working alongside other creatives who have wisdom, insight, and ideas they are delighted to pass along. Participate in group trainings, mastermind calls, and Facebook discussions. Keep balanced conversation by not being a bulldog and taking over every conversation but also don’t shy away from voicing yourself at all. If you want the help of others, be generous in giving of yourself and contributing your ideas and creativity to benefit the growth of your peers. This program is not every man for himself. Generosity always comes full circle, but so does stinginess and greed. If you’re not here to link arms with others and are only here for yourself, this program is NOT for you.

Privacy Policy

Do not spam, mass email, or contact any member of Dream to Done without their direct permission or add anyone to your newsletter list without consent. We want a safe and inviting culture, notan onslaught of marketing messages. Privacy and confidentiality also includes not repeating anything said inside our mastermind calls outside of that setting. Honor the group. Violation of this rule results in immediate removal of the program without a refund. If there’s any question, connect with our team at and we’re happy to investigate and take further action if needed.

Take Responsiblity

Masterminds have a tendency to yield networking opportunities organically. Any agreements, employments, or contracts that develop between you and another student of the Dream to Done program, are considered outside of the program and are your own responsibility and at your own risk. Kelsey Chapman CO and the Dream to Done program are not responsible for any breach of contract, loss of revenue, damages or other misfortunes in the relationship. We strongly advise you to take necessary precautions and create clear and written contracts and service agreements in place before developing any formal relationships outside the Dream to Done program.

Don’t be a Copycat

Plagiarism of ANY kind is absolutely not tolerated and will be immediately investigated if in question. Honor and integrity is of the utmost value here and we take these issues very seriously. If you’re caught infringing upon this rule, you are at risk for potential removal from the program without reimbursement of any kind. You are creative and brilliant so create your own work and be confident in yourself. You carry your own unique genius and though we are here to inspire, help each other and bounce around ideas, it is unprofessional and unethical to take another students work as your own. Do not copy, repurpose screenshot, record, or steal other people’s intellectual property and content. If you’re concerned this may have happened to you or someone else, contact our support team at immediately for further investigation.

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Flaunt your stuff, ask your questions...but do it this way:

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Self Promotion

If you’d like to promote to your peers a webinar you’re hosting, classes, blog posts, etc - The ONLY appropriate time/place for this is in our specified/designated threads.

Recruiting followers for social platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, FB, etc)

Let’s don’t and say we did. I talk about this a lot, but 1,000 true and loyal followers are more valuable than 50,000 followers that are random, were bribed, or don’t really care about what you have to say. Same here. The act of following someone in the Dream to Done program should be intentional and done by one’s own desire. Recruiting and starting mass “Like Parties” is against our Dream to Done program policies and is discouraged in our FB group space as well. Don’t get sucked into this honestly poor strategy. Connect, be real, and engagement will follow. If you catch someone’s intrigue, they’ll find you or come to you themselves to connect.


If you’re struggling with an idea, want an opinion on something, or need help improving your About Me / Bio / Sales Page etc. post a screenshot of the page in question into the FB page and request feedback. Please be specific. DO NOT mass email for help from the group as this is against Dream to Done house rules. If we’re in the middle of a Mastermind call, wait your turn.  These calls are designed to have enough time for everyone to share and get feedback. But we take turns and focus on one person at a time. So prioritize your questions, be prepared when you come to the table, and don’t interrupt someone else’s time. That’s selfish and not cool.

Surveys and Polls

This should be done in the FB group and not inside trainings or group calls. If you have a question you’re dying to get stats on in order to help you complete exercises we’re doing in the program, post it directly in the FB group and request responses in the same thread. Please do not ask that people give their email or contact info in surveys or polls.

Feedback on Logo/Picture/Font etc.

This type of feedback can be requested in our Mastermind Group Calls (during your turn) or in the private FB page. Make sure you include specifics when you post and request feedback so that the conversation is productive and effective. Answer the questions we’ll have, before we have to ask. What are you wanting to accomplish? What mood and vibe are you trying to create? Who is your audience? Give us the A, B, C’s - what are your specific issues/concerns with what you already have and how can we best help you?


We want to hear your wins! We love celebrating here at Dream to Done (hence the goal that’s held in the title) and we encourage you to let us all know when you complete goals set by yourself, encouraged by a peer, or by the tribe as a whole during the program. What we don’t want is a show off, a boaster, a bragger, an egomaniac. What you’ll get is a lot less friends and a lot more unfollows and eye rolls saying, “Peace - I’m out!”. Don’t get stuck breathing in the dust as your left behind because of pride. Be humble, genuine, and jump in the celebration of others as well as yourself.

It’s not on our dreams bucketlist to babysit this Facebook page and monitor what’s being posted. That doesn’t sound fun or productive. So we ask that together we link arms and embrace creating an amazing Dream to Done community through grace, understanding, patience, and communicating as kind and respectful adults.

When in doubt, be sweet like candy or keep it to yourself.

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Final Notes

If you’re having technical issues or have a problem with the Dream to Done program, please don’t go to your peers. The appropriate time is not in the FB group, during a training, or on a group call. Please come directly to our support team at and we will address your concern/technical issue promptly. We’re here to serve you so that you get the best experience possible as a student of the Dream to Done program.

Make sure you’re clear on what is appropriate and what’s not okay in the program, because it’s a big to us and we take these guidelines and values seriously.

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If you don’t follow the guidelines

You risk being removed from the Dream to Done program and Community. If necessary, you may be contacted by our lawyers. We don’t want that. So please, engage, learn, enjoy, grow, and most importantly, play nice and play legal. We love you and want you to truly enjoy this experience so we hope you understand the measures we feel we need to take in order to protect the culture we’re trying to create and nurture here at Dream to Done.

If you have any questions about what you’ve read in this document or if you have a question that we didn’t already answer here, please contact us at

When you find yourself in a pickle

We’re all human and things happen. If you find yourself in a predicament, here’s some advice and solutions to un-pickle some situations that may occur and get back on track.

So-and-so Copied/Stole my work!

Hey, we’d be upset too. We take integrity seriously and don’t appreciate dishonest work or when people aren’t genuine. But first things first - take a deep breath. Please don’t take this into your own hands, attack the individual or post all over social media about it, possibly making things worse and risk facing repercussions yourself. If you’ve come across or been the victim of copyright infringement where someone has taken your intellectual property during this program, please take note of your proof and screen capture the violations so that you have all your bases covered. We advise that you seek out legal counsel to help you take action in the right and legal way. If you believe this has been done by another student in our Dream to Done program, please also write to our team at with any information you have so that we can take further action and remove the individual from the program if necessary.

My turn was skipped during a group call

Ouch, this is on us. We sincerely hope this never happens to you as we design our calls to include every person and have enough time for each student to share. If this ever happens to you, please speak up before the call is over so we can make sure we address you before the call is over! If you are missed however, please contact our support team so that we can rectify the situation and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

I have questions about what we’re learning!

It is your responsibility to get answers to the questions you have. As questions come up, ask! If we’re in a group training, post your question in the comment box so that it’s visible to everyone. If it doesn’t get answered right away, be patient as we may do questions at the end. If it’s the end of the call, ding a reminder that you had a question and we’ll get to it before we end the training. If it’s a more in depth question that is specific to your business and not edifying or helpful to the group at large, we may take your question off the training call and answer it in your one on one time with Kelsey. If the question can be answered by someone other than Kelsey, feel free to post your questions in the feed of the private FB group. This will give you great practice at writing engaging content as well that develops good discussion and receives helpful feedback.  

I have been offended/attacked/hurt by someone in Dream to Done

We hate that people can sometimes be mean and our hope is that everyone in our program interact with love and kindness at all times. Our guideline remains inspired by Thumper - if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. However, we can’t always get our way as people always have a choice, and if someone has been directly hurtful towards you or if you have an issue with another student in Dream to Done, we advise you handle this issue with the individual directly. If it’s an issue with the program itself, Kelsey, or another teacher, please let us know at In running a business, it’s important to learn how to handle disagreements and conflicts with honor and tact. If you sense or witness that someone is being unethical or putting the Dream to Done community as a whole or an individual (including you) in danger, please come to us first. But if this is a personal matter, we ask that you handle it yourself with the support and love of friends, family, a counselor, or whomever you see fit to help you navigate this circumstance. We do not tolerate or allow venting of any kind or accusations void of facts in this community and you will be removed from the program if found to be handling conflict in this way.

My post went vamoose

For some unknown reason, Facebook does seem to randomly delete posts. So sorry about this as it’s unfortunately out of our control. Although it’s rare and while it’s never fun to write something over again, if your post disappeared this might be necessary. Do a quick search in the group to be sure, and hopefully it had just gotten lost in the shuffle! But if it got deleted, just post it again. However, in the case that we found your post to be inappropriate or violating our guidelines in some way, Admin may have removed your post. We advise you check your posts before you make them live, especially if you’re feeling particularly heated in that moment.

I worked with another Dream to Done student and it didn’t go as planned

This one is tough. Not everyone handles their business with honor and integrity and that just plain stinks. We strongly advised you to take necessary precautions and create clear and written contracts and service agreements in place before developing any formal relationships outside the Dream to Done program and sincerely hope you did so. We’re so sorry if you regret any decisions you’ve personally made in professionally connecting with another student with/without doing your due diligence to cover your bases first; however Kelsey Chapman CO and the Dream to Done program are not responsible for any breach of contract, loss of revenue, damages or other misfortunes in the relationship. However, we will attempt assisting you in getting contact with said student iif in fact you’re having a problem getting in touch with someone you’ve paid for products or services. When you contact us, please be sure to include all information of agreement/contract etc and write to us at

Dream to Done students look like great clients!

Umm..Buh-bye. Sorry, but Dream to Done is not the best choice for you if you’re only hear to promote yourself and turn your peers into clients, and we advise you remove yourself from the program before we find out and do it for you. We want to help you make your dream come to life and even help you find the most ideal clients for your business! Sometimes students may end up working together or connecting in some way outside of the program which we love and encourage!...if and only if it’s genuine and organic and not the only purpose of being in the Dream to Done program. You will be removed if we find otherwise.

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Kelsey Chapman Co reserves the right to change these Guidelines and House Rules or to impose new conditions on use of the Site from time to time. In these cases, we will post the revised House Rules and Terms of Service in the Dream to Done Community.

(Kelsey Chapman, Co. ("Company") reserves the right to permanently suspend membership for any member at their discretion. Violation of any House rule as determined by Company, is grounds for permanent or temporary suspension of a community member. Company reserves the right to deny any request for membership and remove any post at its discretion. Company reserves the right to change the requirements or rules from time to time with or without notice. Changes may be posted on the Dream to Done Community Website at Company's discretion.)